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This is us

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Notfallmedizin Fürth e. V. is a non-profit, nationally and internationally active education provider and project developer. Firmly anchored locally – but widely networked, the AGNF is one of the largest providers of professional emergency medical training and further education in Germany.

The Emergency Medicine Fürth working group operates without a commercial background. The surpluses we generate flow into the further development of our educational programs, our equipment and our regional and international projects.

Our statutes

Our mission

“We bring medicine,
Society and education
together. For noticeable
social benefit.”

What makes us special – and what is important to us

We are

As a driver of innovation, we find forward-looking solutions at an early stage. We follow visions and see new things as a challenge to make the impossible possible. To exploit opportunities and create social benefits. Not possible? – Doesn’t exist.

We are

Our aim is to be the best partner. Professionally the number one. Appreciative, consistent and fully committed. With the guarantee of the best possible result at all levels. With the needs of our partners in mind.

We are

Thanks to our diverse, interdisciplinary skillset, we find a tailored solution for every problem and guarantee overall success across all disciplines – business, organizational and technical.

We are

We keep our word and stand by our values – always and without ifs and buts. As partners, we see a handshake as a binding sign of honest, trusting and sincere cooperation.

We are

Our cooperation partners are our backbone: being successful together at eye level, becoming better and getting things moving – that is what drives us every day. That is why we cultivate our network with passion and respect.

Our vision

We live in a world that offers more opportunities than ever before, but at the same time seems more complicated than ever before. In this world, we want to make what is the basis of our society the standard: the safety and health of individuals.

“A world in which
high health competence and
supply of the
are standard.”

Our milestones

  • 2001

    Foundation of the AGNF as
    local training initiative

  • 2006

    Foundation of the e.V. with
    Training and further education

  • 2006

    Start of training for the
    first paramedic

  • 2006

    Event of the first
    certified course formats

  • 2011

    Foundation of the
    Vocational school for

  • 2012

    Start of the first
    international aid project
    in Albania

  • 2014

    Foundation of the
    staatl. recognized
    Vocational school for
    Emergency paramedic

  • 2017

    Start of the EU project

  • 2019

    Receipt of the first
    Promotion of the
    Federal Ministry for
    and development for
    a project in Uganda

  • 2020

    Structure and operation
    of the Corona Test Center
    City and district of Fürth

  • 2020

    Development of the
    virtual simulation room

  • 2020

    Foundation of the
    Institute for
    emergency medical
    Bildung gGmbH (INOB)
    together with the
    Clinic Fürth

  • 2021

    Structure and operation
    of the vaccination center
    City and
    District of Fürth

  • 2022

    Launch of the initiative

  • 2023

    Establishment of Fürth as a
    Region of the lifesavers

  • 2024

    Launch of the new
    Education brand bildung37°

  • 2024

    Structure of the
    Technology Transfer Center
    for digitized
    Education with the
    Ansbach HS

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