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For more safety and health in our society

We are the AGNF – partner for innovative educational concepts and projects in acute and emergency medicine. We build bridges between medicine, society and knowledge. Open to new ideas and a diverse network. Full of expertise, humanity and spirit.

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bildung37° – the educational manufactory for acute and emergency medicine

We impart guideline-based specialist knowledge and the mindset required to succeed in an emergency. With a team of more than 150 educators, trainers and experts. With a lot of empathy. And a future-oriented range of technical and digital teaching aids.

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First aid systems and public defibrillators

As part of the FÜRTH SCHOCKT! initiative, we have made automated external defibrillators permanently accessible in the city and district of Fürth and activate and train first aiders. Other cities and regions will follow.

Institute for Emergency Medical Education (INOB)

With the INOB, we are making a contribution to the development of greater patient safety, more efficient rescue services and better emergency response. Innovative educational concepts and research projects arise from practical experience and scientific expertise.

Erasmus+ project “”

The platform was launched as a campaign for education in rescue services. It serves as a platform for teachers, experts and those interested in rescue service education to exchange information and resources.

Our partners & associated organizations

AGNF worldwide

Health knows no boundaries. That is why we are also trying to help in other countries beyond Germany. We are involved in educational projects and aid initiatives in Uganda and Ukraine, among other countries. More are to follow.

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Do you have the opportunity to support the AGNF? You can do this as a member of our association. Or even with a simple donation. This will help us to help other people.

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Latest news

The AGNF is involved in a wide range of projects – from education in acute and emergency medicine to the expansion of rescue infrastructure.

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AGNF is positioning its educational offering under the new bildung37° brand

"As AGNF, we are working to establish a high level of healthcare competence and care as the standard. This is only possible with excellently trained staff. We therefore want to make relevant information quickly and easily accessible to participants interested in our...

Project trip to Ukraine successfully completed

The project aims to strengthen the Ukrainian population's ability to help themselves by qualifying multipliers in special first aid and establishing a rescue service specializing in the transfer of seriously injured and sick patients within Ukraine. The AGNF team...

Sankt Marien children’s hospital in Landshut – our future cooperation partner

We are therefore delighted that we will be able to work even more closely with our cooperation partner, the Sankt Marien children's hospital in Landshut, in the future. The AGNF has already held regular training events for the hospital in recent years. This has now...

Project launch “FÜRTH SCHOCKT!” for the week of resuscitation

A comprehensive AED structure is a key factor in improving survival after cardiac arrest. The professional rescue service takes an average of 8-10 minutes to arrive. For this reason, first aiders (e.g. relatives, colleagues, witnesses) play a decisive role in...

Our team

Our team is structured according to skills and experience and thrives on open exchange based on a simple philosophy: together we will achieve more.

“As a society, making more safety and health possible for every individual – that is the goal that unites us in the AGNF.”
Klaus Meyer, Chairman of the Management Board
Klaus Meyer, M.A.
Chairman of the Management Board
Managing Director
Sebastian Habicht, B.A, MBA
Principal of the vocational schools for emergency paramedics
Head of Training and Development
Moritz Wilken
Head of Administration

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