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Aid deliveries in

With a focus on medical care, we organize and support aid transports to Ukraine. We are involved in various networks and act as an interface between local organizations and aid campaigns in Germany.


Provisionally until 15.04.2024
(with option for

Ukraine outside the
occupied territories


We primarily support hospitals, rescue services and organizations involved in the rescue and care of injured people. We have also set ourselves the goal of providing uncomplicated support to the victims of war in the future and would like to continue to promote aid projects.


Thanks to our medical contacts in the war zone, we are able to procure the required goods and transport them directly to their destination. In this way, we can ensure that donations really do arrive 1:1 on site.


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Our projects are financed by grants, our association’s own funds and donations. Help us to improve emergency medical care in our partner countries. Every contribution is helpful and flows directly into our projects abroad.

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