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Development of a training
centers in Uganda

There is still no national emergency care system in the East African country of Uganda. A national control center was established in the capital Kampala in 2021, but it is not yet linked to a functioning ambulance system. Each district is to have a district control center in the future, but there is still a lack of ambulances and, above all, trained personnel in preclinical and intraclinical emergency care.

At the end of 2021, the EMS policy was introduced in Uganda, which sets standards for the ambulance service and emergency medical care in emergency departments at all levels. Together with this political law, strategies were developed by the Ministry of Health in Uganda to regulate the implementation of the law and standardize emergency care through procedures/SOPs.

Implementation is proving difficult and very slow, as there is still no in-depth understanding of the topic of emergency care in most places. In a country with one of the highest rates of road deaths, neonatal and maternal mortality and extremely high rates of deaths from infectious diseases, a system of emergency care would be essential. This issue is therefore a major concern for us, which we support with AGNF’s own funds.

As the Association of Ambulance Professionals Uganda (AAPU) works in close cooperation with the Ugandan Ministry of Health, our activities are part of the national strategy and the AAPU training center is already exceptional and unique in Uganda in its current stage of expansion. The respectful cooperation between the AAPU and AGNF is based on a common goal: to improve emergency care through professional training.

August 2022


Kampala (Uganda)


The establishment and strengthening of a training center for emergency care as a center of excellence supported by the Association of Ambulance Professionals Uganda (AAPU) in order to create a basis for the training of standardized and certified emergency medical courses in a highly developed training and learning environment in Uganda.


  • August 2022: Signing of the partnership agreement between AAPU and AGNF
  • September 2022: Opening of a local AGNF office in the AAPU training center
  • October 2022: Visit of the management of the AAPU training department in Germany for an exchange and insights into AGNF structures as a training center as well as a joint visit to the World Health Summit 2023 in Berlin
  • December 2022: Initial equipping of the AAPU training center
  • February 2023: first delivery of training material for ITLS and ERC courses, introduction of certified ITLS courses at the AAPU training center
  • April 2023: second delivery of training material and further technical equipment in the size of a sea container
  • June 2023: Introduction of certified ERC EPALS/NLS courses by an official delegation of the ERC/ AGNF at the AAPU training center and official opening of the AAPU training center


The Association of Ambulance Professionals Uganda (AAPU) is an umbrella organization that brings together all pre-hospital ambulance service providers and emergency care bodies in Uganda.

AAPU organizes conferences, maintains a national and international network, publishes statements, introduces training programs in the country, establishes research programs, sets expert standards and coordinates disaster control operations. The representatives and officials of AAPU are representatives of emergency services, professional societies, clinics and politics who are highly committed to promoting important issues.

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Our project is supported by the Initiative Klinikpartnerschaften – Partner stärken Gesundheit. The funding program was initiated in 2016 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) together with the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation. It supports partnerships between health organizations in Germany and medical facilities in low- and middle-income countries. The aim of the initiative is to improve healthcare services in developing and emerging countries by creating a platform on which various organizations can work together in partnership and benefit from the mutual transfer of knowledge at a professional level.

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