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This is why Fürth Hospital and the Fürth Emergency Medicine Working Group (AGNF), as established players in the healthcare sector, have taken the initiative to create a joint education, innovation and science platform for medical, nursing, rescue and emergency response professionals in the form of the Institute for Emergency Medical Education, with the ultimate aim of continuously improving patient safety.

“With the founding of INOB, we have succeeded in taking an important and forward-looking step in the education market and expanding the emergency medicine education market here in the Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen metropolitan region alongside the Institute for Emergency Medicine and Medical Management (INM) in Munich,” says Managing Director Oliver Riedel.

The SIM box, which enables virtual and practical patient simulation, is a unique tool in Germany for the continuous further training of medical staff: using audiovisual projection and unique soundscapes, individually adapted, realistic virtual learning environments are presented in which medical professionals train emergency situations. Other important training topics include the promotion of intercultural competence in emergency situations and de-escalation in emergency situations.

Bavaria’s Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, also emphasized the importance of modern training opportunities at the founding event of the Institute for Emergency Medical Education in Fürth. “The coronavirus pandemic shows us how important a functioning and effective healthcare system is. Well-trained specialist personnel are indispensable. We are already very well positioned here in Bavaria,” says Herrmann.

In addition to establishing high-quality educational programs and innovative research projects, the INOB is pursuing the expansion of a strong network and links to university structures. Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and the Wilhelm Löhe University of Applied Sciences in Fürth have been permanent cooperation partners of the INOB from the very beginning.

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