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We are therefore delighted that we will be able to work even more closely with our cooperation partner, the Sankt Marien children’s hospital in Landshut, in the future. The AGNF has already held regular training events for the hospital in recent years.

This has now culminated in an established cooperation. As part of this, the European Paediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS) course format is offered to employees of the children’s hospital and all interested parties in Landshut. The EPALS courses are specially designed to train the advanced care of pediatric emergencies and are aimed at nurses, doctors and ambulance staff.

In addition, the children’s hospital will in future conduct its internal resuscitation training using the European Paediatric Basic Life Support (EPBLS) course format. It is worth noting that as part of this training, every employee is certified by trainers from the European Resuscitation Council. The EPBLS course covers the basic measures for resuscitation of children and infants as well as the early recognition of critically ill children.

The Sankt Marien Children’s Hospital will be able to offer the EPBLS course format for its employees independently in the future. To make this possible, eleven employees at the children’s hospital were trained as EPBLS instructors in June 2023. This instructor training follows an international standard, includes a logical and stringent didactic concept and is also certified by the ERC.

We are delighted to have gained a strong cooperation partner in the region with the Sankt Marien Children’s Hospital in Landshut!

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