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Expansion of emergency medicine in Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are not enough specialists and material resources available for the acute care of injured people. The rescue service has hardly any functioning vehicles, especially in the areas formerly occupied by Russia. There is often a lack of first aiders who are trained in first aid and equipped with the appropriate materials to provide first aid to injured people. However, rapid action is particularly important for the survival of those affected by severe trauma.

April 2023

1 year (until 14.4.2024)

Ukraine (nationwide)


To build capacities in order to enable or improve the transfer of patients from the first-aid hospital to further treatment facilities: This is the joint goal of the AGNF, the ERA – Emergency Response Albania and the Swiss Foundation for Innovation together with the LEF (Lviv Ecological Foundation) and the Special Training Center in Kiev.

By purchasing vehicles and training staff, up to 400 patients in critical conditions can be transferred to hospitals each year where they can receive the best possible care. In addition, at least 4,000 first responders are being trained to provide rapid and effective local assistance.


  • Acquisition of two rescue vehicles and equipping them with medical equipment and sufficient consumables for transferring patients
  • Operation of the vehicles and coordination of operations by the international project partners
  • Training of medical personnel (up to 72 people) to carry out patient transports (with intensive care or advanced life-saving measures)
  • Training of at least 100 multipliers who train first aiders and provide them with first aid kits


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The project is funded for a period of one year by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ ) and the clinic partnerships.

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