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We have spent the last few days procuring the necessary medicines and medical supplies. The problem here was that various things are already sold out across Europe, such as special products for hemostasis.

Nevertheless, a delivery weighing almost 1.5 tons was put together last Wednesday and loaded onto two vehicles. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many donors, donors in kind and the AGNF employees who helped with the procurement and loading. We would particularly like to thank the Fürth Clinic, SIMple medics, Bexamed and Orange, who all supported us with generous donations in kind. We would also like to thank everyone who diligently shared our article and thus brought the campaign to the attention of the general public. We were also very touched by the personal messages we received, so many of you offered your help. Within just ten days, we were able to successfully carry out this fantastic aid campaign thanks to the fantastic commitment of each individual. Many thanks to all of you.

On Thursday morning at 9 a.m. we set off for Ukraine. The journey went smoothly and we reached the Ukrainian border at around 20:00. For their part, the Ukrainian colleagues started in the Kiev region with two vehicles. Contrary to plans, colleagues were not allowed to enter the country for the handover at the Korczowa border crossing. So we first had to “travel out” to the Ukrainian side to be able to hand over the goods in the “neutral zone”. Shortly after midnight everything was done and our contact Yuri Kryvonos, the pediatrician from the Kiev area, was very happy about the first aid delivery!

The transport has now safely reached the greater Kiev area and the delivery has already been distributed to the individual functional areas. We received very, very positive feedback from our colleagues on site

We will now continue to determine the needs in the hospital, but also in other hospitals, and organize a second transport as soon as possible.

Je suis Ukraine!

Best regards
from the AGNF team

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