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The generous donations made it possible to procure and deliver almost 10 tons of relief supplies, including medicines and medical consumables for the care and treatment of sick and wounded people as well as hygiene articles and medical equipment. As part of three large transport trips between March and May, more than 15 clinics in the greater Kiev area, Kharkiv, Irpin, Drohobych and Zaporizhzhya were supplied with urgently needed relief supplies. Collaboration with local doctors and newly acquired cooperation partners helped to plan donations in line with needs and targets.

The personal impressions and testimonials from those affected during the tours continue to fuel the commitment of the AGNF project members and so even today, 6 months after the start of the initiative, all resources are being activated to help the people in Ukraine. In July, the AGNF was able to provide medicines worth over 6,000 euros at short notice for an aid shipment to the conflict region of Luhansk. A few weeks later, the BRK Fürth organized a large-scale donation campaign in which 28 used care beds, around 50 wheelchairs and walkers and hospital furniture went to a clinic in Drohobych. The AGNF used its network to establish contact between donors and recipients and supported the campaign with additional manpower.

In addition to the contribution we can all make today, we are already thinking one step ahead as part of the aid project. What will it take to build a new medical infrastructure in Ukraine after the war? And how can the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Notfallmedizin Fürth e.V. (Fürth Emergency Medicine Working Group), as an educational institution, support the local players in this challenge? There is still much to do and the AGNF gratefully accepts your continued support, with the promise that all donations will be passed on as direct added value to the people in Ukraine.

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